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We make music, videos and Smeefer writes blogs. All of our artistic work is done using open source software on Linux. Cam Version is a small collective of Linux-using producers based in Seattle, but international in spirit. Open Source is our passion and we are dedicated to remix culture, originality, sharing and collaboration.


Kalbi Kimchi Pizza


The kalbi kimchi pizza has a long story behind it, but it's not worth telling here - story only has significance to me and a friend. We planned on making this pizza for years and never got around to doing it, then finally we made it! The cooking experience was fun, but then changed tones later to shock and anxiety after we got into a bad argument. This song summarizes the whole experience with sound - you can feel the way I felt during the evening of cooking by listening and feeling the music.

Covered In Sauces


Sauce is the stuff that saturates your main food content and fills it with flavor, allowing the act of eating to stretch beyond survival necessity and comprise a major pleasure of life. A delight, unnecessary but thought to be essential, sauce as a liquid of social meaning sheds light on the very thin, sometimes transparent, line that divides need and want.



Smeefer의 최고 새로운 곡은 일반적인 요리에 대한 곡이다. 실은 비밀이 나오면 더 특별한 것을 요리하는 것에 대한 곡이다: 1) 김치찌개 - 지난 몇년 동안 습관적으로 자주 요리하는 매운 발효적인 맛있음이다; 2) 소리 - 타악기나 줄줄 흐르는 배경적 분위기로 준비할 수 있는 소리...선율적 중요성이 없거나 있거나 그래도 되는 소리.



Kimchi Jjigae!!

Smeefer's latest song about cooking in general. However, this song is secretly about cooking something more specific. Actually, it's about cooking a few different things: 1) Kimchi Jjigae - currently my most habitual pot of stew to cook on a regular basis (during the past year or two), ripe with spicy fermented deliciousness; 2) Sound - those that can be prepared as percussion and oozing background atmosphere, with or without melodic significance.


Morning Beans

Morning Beans

"Reeeeeezt! Reeeeeeezt! Reeeeeezt!!" My alarm is loud and alarming but I'm not alarmed. I turn it off as I goop and drizzle towards the edge of the bed which is 8 inches away. No I didn't get enough sleep last night, but I need to wake up because I must go to work. 


Gulls & Crows Collaboration


The birds come out and stand on the walnut tree branches, powerlines and rooftops in my neighborhood every morning. Mostly crows and seagulls, they make loud song-like noises throughout the day, most loudly and frequently in the early morning. One day the crows seemed to be crowing at me and I decided to interpret that as an invitation to collaborate on a song together.

Salmon Crostinis (remade & remastered)

Salmon Crostinis was originally finished in February 2012. About six months after finishing the track, I decided that one day I would remake the second riddim and remaster the entire track. This month is when I started and just finished it tonight. Salmon Crostinis is the longest track that I've made and like almost all of my songs, it tells a story. The story is actually about the cooking session that gave birth to the percussion in the entire track. The percs were recorded during a cooking session with my ex girlfriend. The best dish that we cooked was a plate of salmon crostinis. Those were unforgettable and that's what this song is about. It tells a story of our process of cooking the salmon crostinis.


Tis The Seasoning


I released a new song about the winter weather in Seattle. Tis The Seasoning could also probably be about the winter in most northern areas where it's almost cold enough to snow. Dark, monotonous, cold, dreary weather that continues day after day. Such weather is easy to become accustomed to, but it's not very pleasant. Every year I tend to take the summer for granted by the beginning of September. As soon as the night time temperature begins dropping below 45 degrees farenheit, I'm already missing summer and wanting it to return quickly. The winter is a slow season for me. In the past few years I've found myself without much to do other than work during the winter.

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams was originally written by Al Dubin and sang by Harry Warren in 1933. Seattle vocalist Stringer collaborated with Smeefer to create a 2013 version of the song. Today is no different from 1933 in terms of the broken dreams that float through the street air like a thick fog before dawn. This version is comparatively short because Stringer sang the song only one time through in her beautiful jazz style. The last half of the track is a dub extension in which Smeefer tinkered away with tango breaks.

Ardour3, Hydrogen drum machine, Jack Audio Mastering Interface (JAMin) and Yoshimi softsynth were the main software used to produce this track. Thanks to the developers. Stringer and Smeefer will be doing more collaborative tracks in the future. In fact, another one is in the midst of being worked on.




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